Twitch Emotes

The Hive emotes:

Subs: Tier 1 – cropped-hivetwitchlove.png  Tier 2 – cropped-hivetwitchlove.png Hiya56  Tier 3 – cropped-hivetwitchlove.png Hiya56 BeeHype118

BTTV: BeeFight BeeLurk BeeSwoon SubHype (BeeHype unless a Tier 3 is subbed) – must be typed in exactly as they are in chat caps/lower caps etc.

FrankerFaceZ– BeeCat BeeFight BeeLoot BeeRip BeeSwoon – These should show up in the chat e-motes that you can use as long as you have FrankerFaceZ on Twitch.

All the above (with the exception of Hive heart and BeeCat) were created by the lovely Squirrel. Check out her Facebook HERE and Twitter @Squirribbles

The Hive pin up Miss Bee was also created by Squirrel.