Twitch Emotes/Badges

The Hive emotes:

Subs: Tier 1 – cropped-hivetwitchlove.png Hiya56 Tier 2 – LootsBee112     Tier 3 –   BeeHype118

With each Tier you get to use the ones before. For example: If you sub to a Tier 2, you also have use of the Tier 1 emotes. If you sub to a Tier 3, you have use of All of the emotes.

BTTV: BeeFight BeeLurk BeeSwoon SubHype (BeeHype unless a Tier 3 is subbed) – must be typed in exactly as they are in chat caps/lower caps etc.

FrankerFaceZ– BeeCat BeeFight BeeRip BeeLoot BeeSwoon – (BeeLoot unless a Tier 2 is subbed) These should show up in the chat e-motes that you can use as long as you have FrankerFaceZ on Twitch.

Loyalty badges for Subscribers:Loyalty badges

All the above (with the exception of Hive heart and BeeCat) were created by the lovely Squirrel. Check out her Facebook HERE and Twitter @Squirribbles

The Hive pin up Miss Bee was also created by Squirrel.